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Balcony Bird Netting

Balcony Bird Netting

welcome To Ideal Bird Netting Pune,we are the largest and famous service provider in residential bird netting services .by using advance Technics :Three Years net and fitting warranty : Uv STABILIZE NET. :long lasting solutions.
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Birds on your home or boat can be an eyesore, a real mess, and in some cases can cause real damage.  we are installed on thousands of homes , and are ideal for do-it-yourselfers.

We offer the Bird Netting, while birds fluttering and chirping outside the window is pleasant to the senses, when they perch on the windows and crevices on the buildings, the acidic bird droppings and the nests they build are not only disturbing, but also unhygienic. The woes are more complex when the birds end up inside your bedrooms, balcony and kitchen. Nowadays, problems caused by and other birds are major irritants to residents of almost all major housing and office complexes. This is not just an irritant but also a health hazard. Birds get easy access to get good nesting areas on the windows, pipes, parapets, inside the duct and behind AC units. Many die in the ducts causing large presence of maggots & other insects in the affected area. They often make nests and rapidly reproduce causing major health risks. Three human diseases are known to be associated with pigeon droppings: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Some of the solutions that are available harm the birds, are temporary and need repeated treatments. Other traditional solutions usually provided by the neighborhood hardware store or carpenter block the view out of the window and make your abode seem ‘closed’. The only long term solution is that offered by ideal pest control using the latest material and technologies available which are long lasting, hygienic, good value for money and does not harm the birds in any way. ideal pest control has been one of the leading companies in residensial bird netting .


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